Monday, June 15, 2009

Tonight is the night before the big day!!!!! and I'm ready. Need to be in bed, but I am ready. Can't eat or drink anything past midnight, will wake up hungrier than ever. Amanda is spending the night, and she's trying to take good care of me, except I won't go to bed. Had lots of visitors and helpers around the homestead today. House is clean and organized--thank you Sharon! Mira has Trevor and Brooke is in Florida with her grandparents.

SO, How am I feeling? Anxious. Just anxious.

Surgery: check-in @ 10am at New Hanover . . . 11am procedures . . . 2pm surgery (expected to be four hours or so) . . .

Amanda is driving me in the a.m., my mom and aunt are meeting us at the hospital, then several friends/family are coming to pray at 9:45am . . . only two people are allowed with me, so yes, I'm already breaking the rules! I Will HAVE My ENTOurAGE.

JoLynn is staying overnight. . . then have friends and family taking care of things the rest of the week/weekend. I should be discharged Thursday.

I probably need more help than ever in the next couple of weeks . . . don't know what to expect, but will make it through thanks to all of you.