Monday, March 30, 2009

Okay... so I have some catching up to do!!!! I last wrote that my hair was falling out on the 14th day... and it kept coming out in handfuls. By the sixteenth day, I had lost about 3 trashcans (bathroom) full. My scalp was very, very sore!!! I still had some left, but decided it was time to get rid of it... so, off to the wig shop we went on Friday, March 20th to have my wigs fitted and my head shaved. Well, that was an experience....a little emotional.... the kids went with Grandma, so they were able to experience it as well. It was that day that I was able to talk to a lady that had just been diagnosed. She actually thanked me for being so positive and complimented me on being so beautiful. (Bald-head and all) She said she had been in the bed crying for 3 weeks and was soo down about her diagnosis. I assured her, the best I could, that it was going to be okay and that she would get through it. It was at that moment that I realized why God has me here.
Since then, I have had some stares in the line at Wal-mart.... one man coming from behind and just turned around and looked, haha, normally I'd think he was "checking me out", but I think he was trying to figure out WHAT I was!!!!! Some kids have done the same thing, to be expected.


  1. God definately put you in that position to help someone else. You are always so possitive, I'm sure she felt much better.
    AND let's just say the WALMART man was checking you out!!

  2. You know why people keep on saying that bald-headed women are even more beautiful than those who have hair? Well, for me, it's because their facial features are more bare. That makes their natural beauty stand out. So if ever my wife decides to shave her head, I would have no complaints. She has her synthetic wigs ready, anyway.