Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, here we are 5 days out and feeling a little achey and tired... still have not lost my dinners, though!!! I sure did miss my dance families this weekend!!!! I was able to enjoy this beautiful weather yesterday at the park for a little while.... have been resting today and kinda catching up on some rest. The kids have been having a ball with all their friends and are enjoying their sleepovers. Thanks to all who are just taking charge and making it happen for them... I have had constant migraines since chemo started, so the doctors have given me something for them/pain.... so, we are just going to wait and see what else the Kemo-Shark brings.... hopefully only attacking all the bad cells!!!!!!! Keep praying and sending the love.... it is greatlly appreciated!!! Please don't forget that FireBelly Lounge (downtown) has donated their facility to help raise money for the "cause". There will be food, live music at it's finest, and lots of great socializing!!!!! Hope you can all come out and enjoy!!!!!


  1. Hey LV -- glad you're doing reasonably. Phyl and I are in San Antonio with Rusty, and won't make it tonight, but please know that we're thinking about you and lovin' you and hope everything goes GOOD tonight. We'll be home tomorrow -- call if you need ANYTHING.

  2. It's good to "hear" the optimism in your writing. You do need to rest, enjoy it! If there's anything I can do for you ANYTHING just gimme a yell!