Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well, today was a good day... for a chemo day, anyway. I took pictures and people thought I was crazy, but you never know... I may need to write a book one day.. So, now I'm going to try to rewind for those of you who are just finding out about this ....... I went for a yearly check-up back in January and had been feeling a little something that wasn't quite right. So, ladies... do those exams thoroughly every month!!!! It could save your life!!

I was immediately sent in for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound at the radiologists. The results were sent to my doctor and ordered an MRI. Ya know what is wild is, the mammo and ultrasound did not detect it. Only the MRI did!!!!! (food for thought). So, then on the way to a dance competition, I get the phone call that the results were in and they were sending me to a surgical oncologist!!!! Well, how nerve-racking is that?? Just happened to be on a Monday they could get me in. Needless to say... it was an extremely long weekend!!! Although, God is everywhere and our studio was picked from a hat to donate $250 to the charity of our choice. We chose Breast Cancer Awareness ( at this point we didn't have a diagnosis) but how ironic is that!!!!!?????

So, Monday I met with surgeon, who gives me the low-down..orders a biopsy.... and here we are!!!! Tumor is malignant, growing in a funny-shaped starfish -looking pattern so cannot do lumpectomy.

That brings us to today, when I met the "Kemo-Shark' for the first time. I have been extremely tired and a little whoozie feeling, but there are meds for that, too.. I will go though three months of chemo for the Stage 2 cancer.

I know this is only the beginning , so keep all the prayers and positive thoughts coming!!!!!! I feel extremely loved and cannot thank you all enough for what you are doing and how you are touching me and the lives of my children!!!!!

A benefit concert is scheduled at FireBelly Lounge on Tuesday March 10th
from 7-until. They have great food and the music is sure to be awesome, from some local acoustic artists. Come out and show some love and support for LV!!!!


  1. Awesome upbeat post LV! Keep it up and it will help you through this. We're all behind you and know God will hear our prayers!! Tara says HI!!

  2. Hang in there miss LaVonda.
    Get well soon. :)
    River says Hi!!!